From 2014 to 2022, Light My Fire has funded 50 projects, 47 small, grass roots projects and 3 large, established projects in Africa, South Asia, Central America, Middle East, Europe and Washington, D.C.


In May, 2022, Light My Fire made large grants to three of our most committed and successful grantees.  Our largest grant went to A Breeze of Hope, a phenomenal nonprofit in Bolivia that provides therapeutic, counseling, and legal assistance to sexually abused girls.  Our second large grant went to Daraja Academy, a superb girls’ boarding school in Kenya that is expanding its own student body and also providing programs to nearby local schools.  Our last large grant went to Mayan Families, a nonprofit that offers training and entrepreneurship skills to indigenous women in the highlands of Guatemala.

​In addition, we are continuing our regular program of small grants (under $5000) to women and girls in developing countries with four grants to be made in June.

Thirdly, Light My Fire made 8 new grants in 2023: 3 in Kenya, 2 in Congo, 1 in Rwanda, 1 in South Sudan and 1 in Washington, D.C., totaling $31,000.



Supporting Women In Uganda

Fistula repair/emergency health care in Congo
Yoga studio/counseling for victims of domestic violence in Kenya
Elimination of female genital mutilation in South Sudan
Smoke-free cooking stoves in Congo
Producing Renewable Bio-Briquettes
Carpentry Skills for Ugandan Women
Tailoring/Hairdressing Skills for Sex Workers
Family Planning in Rural Uganda
Menstrual Hygiene for Urban Ugandan Slum-dwellers
Educating about Obstetric Fistula
Soap-making by Disabled Women
Teaching Disabled Women Backyard Gardening
Sewing Center Masks and Pads
Caesareans for Young Women
Projects for Refugee Girls
Producing Reusable Menstrual Pads for Ugandan Refugee Camps
Emergency Assistance to Ugandan Women Living with HIV/AIDS
Caesarean Deliveries in Tanzania
Producing Face Masks in Uganda
Hygiene Kit Production
Permanent Location for Sexual Abuse Treatment Program
Family Planning in Guatemala
Sexual Abuse Therapy in Bolivia
Obstetric Fistula in Tanzania
Health Education for Bedouin Women in Israel
Nutrition Education in Burundi
Refugee Assistance in Greece


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Growing Oyster mushrooms in Rwanda
Hairdressing for Refugee Women in Kenya
Bake Our Future-Training in Baking for Kenya Women
Chicken-Rearing to Produce Eggs
Training in Hairdressing
Manufacturing Bar Soap
Modern Vegetable Farming
Training in Pig-Rearing
Salon Management in Bolivia
 Helping Fisherfolk Orphans in Uganda
Teaching Ugandan Women Modern Vegetable Farming
Restoring Women Traders After COVID-19 in Uganda
Making Briquettes for Cooking in Uganda
Tailoring for Ugandan Single Mothers
Helping migrants in Juarez, Mexico
Goat-rearing in Uganda
Ugandan Sweet Potato Farming
Garlic Farming in Uganda
Climate-Smart Agriculture for Women
Raising Pigs for Family Income
Educating Refugee Children
Congo Sewing Project to Produce Hygiene Kits
Training Girls in Uganda
Helping to Keep Girls in School in Uganda
Women Farmers in Rural Kenya
Postsecondary Education in Malawi
Financial Literacy and Small Business Training in Malawi
Girls’ Internships in Kenya
Financial Literacy in Uganda
Agricultural Training in Kenya
Reproductive Health Education in Guatemala
Sexual Violence Education in India
Job Training in India
Job Training in Haiti
Micro-loans in Uganda
Micro-loans in Malawi
Girls’ education in Nepal
Agricultural Education and Production in Malawi

Projects in Washington, D.C.

Light My Fire Helps Senior Women In D.C.

Housing for Homeless Senior Women
More Hope For Senior Women
Helping Senior Women Escape Homelessness
Giving Survivors of Trafficking a New Life
Empowering Girls Living in Affordable Housing