Welcome to Light My Fire — Read Our 2020 Annual Report HERE

Welcome to Light My Fire, a non-profit fund that ignites the lives of  women and girls in the developing world and in needy communities in the U.S. One hundred percent of our donations support projects for women’s and girls’ health, security, education and training.  Light My Fire is run completely by volunteers and all operating expenses are contributed.

Visionary leaders transform individual lives and communities. We often help them before others will. As of September, 2017, Light My Fire has supported projects through 35 grants in Africa, Asia, and Latin America and Washington, D.C.. We have recently initiated grants to women and girls in our home base, Washington, D.C., to confront women’s homelessness and the trafficking of young women in our community.

Please contribute to our efforts, both at home and overseas, by making a gift to women and girls on our DONATE page.

Financial Literacy in Kalungu, Uganda

Reproductive Health Education in Panajachel, Guatemala

Sexual Violence Education in Hyderabad, India

Job Training in Kolkata, India

Agricultural Education and Production in Lilongwe, Malawi

Girls' Internships near Nanyuki, Kenya

Agricultural Training near Nairobi, Kenya

Job Training in Haiti

Micro-loans in Mukono, Uganda

Microloans in Lilongwe, Malawi

Girls' education in Pokhara, Nepal

Family Planning in Guatemala

Sexual Abuse Therapy in Cochabamba, Bolivia

Reproductive Health Clinics in Nepal

Obstetric Fistula in Tanzania

Health Education for Bedouin Women in Be'er Sheva, Israel

Nutrition Education in Kigutu, Burundi

Refugee Assistance in Lesbos, Greece

Student Driven Solutions, Malawi

Washington D.C.